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TODOS JUNTO JÁVEA is a registered charity founded in 2011. It is run by a small international group of volunteers either retired or working professionals.


We reach out to struggling families often through a request from Social Services, sometimes directly from the schools or occasionally we are approached by someone in need.  Whether because of illness, unemployment or tragedy a family can face serious financial difficulties. By helping to pay for bills such as water and electricity as well as attending to the children, we feel we restore hope and dignity to the families who have hit rock bottom.

We raise money by holding a range of regular fundraising events in Jávea. As we have no overheads every cent raised goes to the families and those who are in most need.

We also try to increase awareness of being charitable from an early age by involving the children from every school in Jávea in many of our activities. We also get support from the representatives of AMPA (Asociación
de Madres y Padres de Alumnos or Parents Association).

TODOS JUNTOS JÁVEA is an association registered with the Registro Autonómico de Asociaciones in accordance with Spanish law. 

Registro de Asociaciones de la Comunitat Valenciana con el número CV-01-048675-A de la Sección Primera.

CIF: G54565619

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“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.”   Mahatma Gandhi


Carmen Alesanco

German Relations

Margit Petarus


Marion Kenworthy

Spanish Relations
Marianne von Troil

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Alan Robinson


Membership Secretary 
Anne Joyce


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