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The Jávea Autism Association thanks Todos Juntos Jávea for their continuous support as principal sponsors.

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Summer School with therapeutic intervention for people with Autism in times of Covid-19.


The autism spectrum encompasses a range of neurodevelopmental conditions. Individuals on the autistic spectrum experience difficulties with social communication and interaction and exhibit restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests, or activities. Symptoms are typically recognised between one and two years of age and so from this early age many children find everyday life particularly challenging. 


The lock down which confined us from one day to another took us all by surprise.  To adapt to the change in routine and to cope with these stressful situations is especially difficult for people with Autism.  They need consistency in their lives and are inflexible in their behavioural patterns and thinking therefore it was extremely complicated for them to adapt to the changes.


The Autism Association Jávea realised how much the confinement provoked alterations in patterns of behaviour and increased stress levels and anxiety which in turn influenced the emotional wellbeing of the children and their families.  Also due to the restrictions the specialised support and therapeutic education was severely reduced and many of the children suffered relapses.


As soon as the restrictions were lifted, and summer schools were permitted the Jávea Autism Association were able to organise their own summer school.  The Ayuntamiento of Javea allowed them to use the Casa de les Pedres in the port which has ample space for work and play. The cost of setting up a successful summer school is high so Todos Juntos Jávea decided to help by covering all the administrative costs and those of the professional team involved as well as providing a garden pool, swings, a slide and other therapeutic toys.


A very worthwhile project.


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