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Our aim is simple. We as residents of Jávea share a desire to give something back to this beautiful town and its community. By coming together we can make the lives of Jávea's most vulnerable families just a little bit easier.

What We Do

We work together with Social Services and local schools to address some of the unmet needs of our local population. Perhaps it's a family that needs temporary help with the bills or items for their children's schooling (reading glasses, sports equipment, etc). We also help the elderly many of whom feel lonely and isolated. We often need the help of translators.


Fund Raising
Our volunteers share their time organising and attending fundraising events throughout the year. If you would like to help or have any fundraising ideas, we would love to hear from you!

TJJ will be present on Easter Friday and Saturday selling raffle tickets to win a basket of cava and offering a tómbola for the children to win a cuddly toy!


See Next Events for more details

We are very also excited to announce our next TJJ Fashion Event in April. Places are limited so don't delay in contacting us!

Kids' Paintings
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